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Parking 11 Tabel tennis and sunning area
Barrier 12 Jeu de Boules
Information 13 Trampoline
Horeca 14 Laundry room
TV connection 15 Showers
Electricity 16 Activities hall
1 Reception 17 Lavatory
2 Shop 18 Chemical Toilet
3 Snack bar 19 Dog toilet
4 Café Restaurant 20 Bicycle
5 Swimming pool kids 21 Cooling elements
6 Swimming pool 22 Water tap
7 Recycling center 23 Miniature Golf course
8 Pay phone 24 Soccer
9 a Dishwash b Textile washing places 25 Petting Zoo
10 Chess 26 Camper station


It is not possible to make reservations. We can Always guarantee a place for you due to the size of the terrain, about 400 places, and the holiday staggering. 
It is your holiday, you can arrive and leave whenever you desire.
Attention, changeover is at noon. The reception is open daily between 08.30 am and 10.30 pm.

Upon arrival plaese register at the reception, we inform you about the camping possibilities. You will also recieve a map of the site and a parking pass. Then you can seek out your own camping pitch - a sunny place, partiallu Sunny, or rather sunshine in the morning. Close to a playground, so you can see your children play. Or do you prefer closer to the soccer field, where the children can run around. The choice is entirely yours.

We do not offer camping pitches to youngsters traveling alone.




  • Camping

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  • Playful & Sporty

    Attention sport and game lovers! Our own recreation team is surprisingly original, each day various activities are planned, including activities in the swimming pool. For example, water basketball, jeans hanging, disco swimming, a triathlon. Read More
  • Surroundings

    South Limburg is a well known place for people who seek peace and quietness, you can find it in the untouched nature, our rich history and culture. This welcoming land without borders is also known for its sociability, traditions and enjoying life. Read More
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